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Screen printing in my dining room #2 or ‘Covering up the mess I make’

Screen printing in my dining room #2 or ‘Covering up the mess I make’


This will not be a long post, because I am feeling a bit uncomfortable.
As I write this I am acutely aware of the mess I have made around me, and of the fact that in precisely two hours time, two hungry and extremely twitchy children will be back from school looking for things to break and/or eat. Some magic will have to happen between now and then.

Last week I started screen printing in my dining room – I’m still occupying that space. Today I have started mono-printing on my family-room floor. Have a look at the labels that I have been making for my work…


I live a double life (sort of like a superhero, I like to think :).

During the day, the entire house turns into my studio. However, by the time 4pm arrives, most of the evidence of my frenzied activity has disappeared.

If my husband came home in the middle of the day, this is what he would see (I do love making lists):

  • Dirty dishes that should be in the sink piled up on counters to make space for the printing equipment in the sink.
  • Wet printing screens propped up against the dishwasher.
  • More wet printing screens in the bath tub.
  • Artwork drying all over the floors, and on lines strung across the house.
  • My daughter’s finger-painting tray turned upside down, to be used as a surface to roll out printing ink.

Around 3.30pm I run around the house like a madwoman putting things away, throwing the laundry in the machine, and scrubbing surfaces with ink on them. By the late afternoon, the house has shifted back to normal, the kids are sprawled out on the family room floor, when suddenly I hear a scream

“mommeeee! My finger painting tray has turned a funny color!!

How does Clark Kent do it?

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  1. Rajiv says:

    You are a super woman with super writing skills.

  2. This is brilliant. love the way you write chick! xx

    1. Aww thank you. I have a big smile on my face now.!

  3. This guide on dinning room printing has helped me figure out where to start and what I need to do to get my business off the ground. I’m grateful for the new ideas and I’m excited to get started on my new venture.

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