Mono-printing magic

A quick post.  I just wanted to share this with you.

Mono-printing is ridiculously fun. If you haven’t tried it, get yourself to an art store and buy yourself a sheet of vinyl, a carving tool, some ink and a roller….OR….carve a potato and get printing. Today I made this print:


…and these bookmarks for Viva Vienna:


Now I’m off to try some other, more painterly, methods of mono-printing. Can’t wait!!



3 thoughts on “Mono-printing magic

  1. Jennie Hoare

    I love your work, it is so joyful and inspiring, as is your mission. I started lino cutting a couple of years ago, loved it. Material for a separate blog, maybe. Jennie

    1. noctiluna

      Thank you Jennie! I’m really enjoying the printing. Things work out so much better when I’m having fun with my work.

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