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Sewing Machines, Sparkly Bibs, and a New Fair
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Sewing Machines, Sparkly Bibs, and a New Fair

Oh dear, my blog has fallen onto hard times. Sorry for the long silence…again.

I have been quietly industrious for the past few months. Most of it has been child related; some, I’m happy to note, Noctiluna related.

I’m slowly starting to carve a routine of sorts out of  the buttery chaos that is my current life. Most recently, I taught myself to actually use a sewing machine, and can now sew labels onto clothes without tears (no mean feat, considering the fact that I was the only child in my school craft club who would routinely sew her work to her skirt, and have to be unpicked by a teacher every week!).

Armed with this new, and powerful skill, I have produced a few dressy bibs and onesies for the holiday season. They are appropriately sparkly, and  I am going to take them to my first holiday fair this weekend along with a suitcase of other goodies. I haven’t taken many photos of finished work, but once I do, I’ll post them here!

It is only my second time taking part in the Etz Hayim expo. It is a pretty small, neighborhood holiday fair, but some really good craftspeople take part in it. Last year, my favorite stalls were Arlington Sock Rescue  which made the cutest stuffed animals out of neglected and abandoned socks, and an amazing ceramicist, whose name I regrettably can’t remember, who made beautiful, Japan-inspired objects. And of course, they have a little bake sale: which is a major draw for my kids.

Here’s the link:

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