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Viva Vendors!
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Viva Vendors!

And now for some more fascinating things that I noticed, while working as a vendor at an outdoor market…

Booth blindness

This is a serious condition that affects many people at fairs and festivals

Booth blindness is when a person does not even realize that your booth exists, because they are busy looking at/thinking about the booth next to yours. Sure, they may actually love your work if they noticed it, but at the moment, the much slicker, brightly colored tent next door is blinding them. This can be fought with good branding and marketing weapons.
(not to be confused with vendor fear, which is when a person purposely avoids eye contact, because he/she is terrified that you will put the hard sale on them). 


No matter how many variations of a t- shirt you make, you can be sure that people will always want something slightly different. Every one loves custom made things, and I’m not complaining. Working from commissions can be fun.

The surprise sale

This happens when you least expect it, and brightens up your day. In my case, a man wandered up to my tent, sweating off a bike trail, and asked me where he was. He was completely lost and disoriented, but went ahead and bought a set of prints before pedaling off into the sunset!

Vendor comradeship

Stinking heat, hours of standing on sore feet, long periods of time where nothing happens, overcrowded public restrooms, these are the things that can really bring people together. At some point during a fair, vendors become buddies and it’s a beautiful thing.

Market Switcheroo

You learn a lot at fairs.
Apparently I’ve been targeting the wrong crowd. The t shirts and vests that I was marketing towards tweens and teens work great for curvy women, because the prints wrap around the body in a flattering way. Hmmm.
Also, apparently people under the age of fifteen LOVE my work. Unfortunately they don’t have much personal disposable income. Still, I’m flattered.

The Unexpected, Awesomeness of Friends

So many of my friends just appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, this weekend to lend me some support. I am still reeling from the pleasant surprise.

Fully armed with these observations, I feel ready for my next vendor-experience.

Ballston arts and crafts market here i come!

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  1. […] Being a small scale designer, and vendor at craft shows has it’s ups and downs, and I’m actually beginning to get used to them. In fact, I feel ever so slightly more… together this season, I’m beginning to feel like less of a newcomer. Not quite the Craft Show Consigliere yet, but I kind of know how things work.  When me and my crew hit the streets during set up time, we have that grizzled look that says “I have extra bungee cords and a tarp, so watch out!” – a little vendor humor for you. By the way, the crew includes a whiny seven year old, and an eleven year old who’s only really there for lunch and the freebies. […]

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