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Following Up On Promises To Myself
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Following Up On Promises To Myself

News flash!!! I finally sent my manuscript off to a publisher!!

I like to think of my manuscript as a precious Faberge egg. I have been sitting on the egg  for a while now, too terrified to send it off, editing and re-editing it, looking at it lovingly, and making up all sorts of reasons to keep it with me.

Now that I have finally sent it off, I feel vaguely shaky. The woman behind the counter at the post office could barely pry my fingers off the package to weigh it. “Take care of it”  I whimpered pathetically as she rolled her eyes at me and tossed it into a large bin of parcels. “Maybe I should take another look at page 14?”  I muttered to myself  insanely, as people at the post office started to move away from me.

The post office should offer a counselling and recovery service to people like me, or at the very least a hug and a cup of tea.

I brightened up a bit when I realized that I had accomplished Item 1 on my 2013 To-Do List.

Making a To-do List is the easy part

I posted my list online for all and sundry to read, because I knew that it would motivate me to actually work through the list faster.

So, how it is going? I feel you ask.

Not bad. I’m plowing through the items on my list. I have sent out the first copy of my newsletter, I have applied to a couple of markets for Spring, and I’m trying, really trying to be more professional and organized. I even have a folder for my receipts now!

As far as Item number 4 (Get back into teaching) is concerned. I have a couple of projects lined up. I’m considering running a summer camp this year – more on that later – and I’ve started teaching screen printing from home.
I may even, maybe, possibly, teach full time for a semester in the not-so-far-future.

My favorite is Item 5  (Learn a new craft).  I’m looking forward to that tomorrow, and the new craft will be ……………………………….drum roll……………….Book Making (no, no, not Book-keeping, I’m useless at that;I mean making hand-made books)!

I’ll keep you updated with photos of everything I make, and of course photos of the new and yummy t shirts I have been printing. Watch this space.

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