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The School Bus or the Monkey?
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The School Bus or the Monkey?

My son left for preschool this morning clutching two model school buses and a stuffed monkey.

We asked him to leave two toys behind and choose just one to take with him in the car, but he would not do this, because he loves them all equally.
Never mind the fact that he could not play properly with any of them because his hands were too full. Never mind the fact that he could not do anything really with his hands so full. He was not prepared to give any of them up.

I know how he feels.

I just can’t help myself, but I want to do so many things. I have been thinking about streamlining ¬†my little kitchen table-business, but how? On any given day I will be working on at least four different projects, and I love them all equally.¬†Writing this blog is really a way to keep on top of all my projects.

There are the books I am writing and illustrating, the shirts I screen-print and sell at fairs, the summer camps that I am planning to run, the handmade books I am teaching myself to make, to mention just a few. Right now I am in the midst of negotiations to teach at a middle school for a semester .

I just can’t let go of any of my toys!

According to Emily Wapnick, the inspired founder of Puttylike, I am a multipotentialite. This is a person who has diverse interests, and no ‘one true calling’, someone who loves learning new skills, and thrives on change.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Much better than ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

According to my six year old I’m a ‘monkey-toaster’, and I’m happy with that – for now.

However, if I ever find that my hands are so full that I can’t really play, I know I will have to drop a toy or two.

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