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Once upon a time, far, far away in England, I studied to be a textile designer at college. Screen printing was my specialism, but curiosity got the better of me, and I kept wandering off to explore the painting department, then the printmaking department, then the fashion department, then…well you get the gist. Pretty much every medium is interesting to me.

I then became a teacher, teaching at middle and high schools, and writing curriculum was added to my passions.

Most recently, I have started selling handmade products at local fairs, markets, and on Etsy. You can see some of my products here, and on the Prints and Drawings, Apparel and Textiles,  Mexico Series  and Handmade Books pages. All feedback is very appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Jaya Vatyani

    Hi, Just came across ur page not sure how but this all looks very interesting. Wish I knew one month back so I could have booked my kids for your camp. So I guess next year. Do you have any mailing list, if so please put me on the list. So next time I can enroll my kids in this fun filled art camp 😀

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