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2021 Summer Camp: Week 1
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2021 Summer Camp: Week 1

When I first started running summer camps in 2012, I would run them from my home. The camps were small, and all the kids (including my own) were tiny. They were wonderful, high octane fun, but my house got a bit of a battering. I still have the paint marks on my furniture!
As time passed the camps grew in size, as did the kids, and we moved to other locations in and around Vienna. Our most recent location has been a lovely place in Oakton with large classrooms, idyllic green spaces, a playground and walking trails. A perfect set up. I vowed never to run a camp from home again. Why would I?…

Never say never

Well, here we are in 2021 and I’m running camps from home again. Mini bubble camps to be specific.
Of course, camps were canceled in 2020 and I missed teaching them so much. With locations still unavailable to rent in 2021, I had no choice but to go small and go home.
This is a very different type of Noctiluna camp experience from usual. Masks and social distancing mean a lot more planning and a lot of time outdoors. This led me to choose nature themes for the camps. Here is some of what we did in week 1:

We went on long rambling walks and learned about scientific illustration, and observational drawing

We studied Georgia O’ Keefe’s work, and made a big mess with pastels

We made BIG bright paintings inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s work (and painted some of my deck as well)

We investigated color theory

We made relief prints using vinyl, foam, and cardboard, and printed with leaves

We compared home-made plant based inks to store bought synthetic inks. The plant ones gave softer colors and smelled of toothpaste!

We made pompoms. Then we got carried away, stuck googly eyes on them, gave them names and played with them all afternoon!

Add in a LOT of outdoor play. Vicious board game battles (seven year olds can really trash talk during Zingo!), swinging in a hammock, making mandalas, building with Magnatiles, and a Friday afternoon movie, and you get the gist of the week.

Exhausting but so much fun. Now it’s time to set up for next week’s camp. Look out for the next camp post!

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