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List of Awesome Art Resources for Kids (and You!)

In the process of planning out the Noctiluna Art camps for this summer, I have been discovering a lot of cool resources for kids (and, well, anyone who is into art). These are mostly cool books (I love my books, I love them so much it’s not right), with a few other things thrown in. …

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The Most Bestest, Amazing, Wonderful Book List

I have been thinking a lot about children’s books lately, and it seemed like a good time to post that list that my six year old daughter and I have been working on. The List of Most Bestest, Amazing, Wonderful Books. But first, a disclaimer: The Disclaimer The books on this list are a selection of children’s …


Brilliant Buddies who Blog

I have a lot of friends who are talented. Very talented. I know that I am biased, but I really do know some amazingly creative individuals. After all, that is the legacy a good art college leaves you with. Some are well established designers, and some are just starting out. But if you are interested …

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