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Time For a break…Almost
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Time For a break…Almost


In 9.5 days I will be on holiday- this has been my mantra all day (friends in the USA, try as I might, I still can’t get used to saying vacation). I have been using this mantra to self soothe. I’m mentally tired, and sore from standing upright for 8+ hours at each of those fairs. I’m slightly sunburnt, I’ve just been to the dentist, and my mouth feels like a swarm of bees has attacked it. It’s time for a break…Almost.

First I need to do the following:

Grace some of the 50-odd events, that both of my kids’ schools have arranged for parents to attend as part of the end-of-school-year mania. Is it me, or are there more every year?

Get my screens ready for the big Fall/Winter print session, order all my onesies and hire an assistant, because September is a sneaky bugger, and I want to be on my toes when it jumps out at me.

Ideas for Fall/Winter screens

Let everyone know that I am going on holiday (this post is part of that effort), because interestingly, I always get a big rush of Etsy orders, only when I land on foreign soil. Why??

Shop/pack at some point. I always put packing off until the last moment, because I actually am really, freaking good at it, like some kind of  Samsonite-superhero. Shopping, on the other hand…ugggghhh. I have a list of things that my parents need from the US that requires me to frequent places such as Costco (shudder), and the pharmaceutical section of Target (a labyrinthine cruciatus) with a fearless heart and the look of grim resignation pasted on my face. I know, this is really interesting, right?

Return library books, put Summer Camp books on hold, buy teachers’ gifts, organize my summer camp enrollment folder, try out a new printing technique for the camps, do my post-fair banking, go to the dentist once more, make sure my kids eat, do something awesome for my long-suffering spouse on Father’s Day, do the laundry about eight times, and then…..


I’m off to England (and France!!) to see my lovely parents and be parented once again (sigh). This July I turn forty years old, and I am so ready to celebrate. Bring on the Pimms, good chocolate, croissants, sarcasm, old friends, picnics, nostalgia, crazy weather and lounging. London, I miss you, I even caught myself getting blurry eyed and nostalgic over an old episode of Rainbow on YouTube last night (look it up).

If I’m super productive, I may even get one more post in before I leave, wonders may never cease (but don’t hold your breath). Here’s to holidays and vacations!

Airport excitement
My choice of guidebooks!


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