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Recipe For The Past 10 Days
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Recipe For The Past 10 Days

I can’t…….I just can’t…even …write…full sentence today. Flight to England tomorrow, last day of school. Ugggghhhhh.


6 school events attended
1 last volunteering stint
1 pair of sandals destroyed at the kindergarten picnic
5 library books returned ON TIME!!
2 summer reading programs joined
2 pediatrician visits
3 dentist visits (one particularly painful!)
1 x-ray (thanks for the scare, pediatrician)
1  hair cut for one very wriggly child
1 final printing experiment for camp
1 Etsy order. Remember I said that someone always puts in an order the day before I go on vacation? Told you so.
5 huge bags of artwork, math assignments, and miscellaneous papers brought home from school.
4.5 huge bags of artwork, math assignments, and miscellaneous papers recycled
1 giant cleaning spree, which looks like it never happened!
1 disgusting chocolatey surprise found out the bottom of a backpack being cleaned out for travel.
6 loads of laundry done
4 suitcases open on my bedroom floor being filled
1 trip to Barnes and Noble for the kids to spend birthday money on travel games, crossword books and novels.
2 birthday parties that were too important to be missed
1 father’s day picnic
1 head injury (the six year old tried to jump from the sofa to a folding table, sigh)
1 emergency visit to the doctor.
4 meltdowns, one mine.
3 Winter festivals applied to
2 large orders of t-shirts for printing, and a very tired credit card.
1 expired credit card
1000 bills paid (well it feels that way)
1 coffee habit started. Seriously, this is the year I finally started drinking coffee!
2 big shopping sprees for my parents
2 surprise gifts left on my doorstep by a sweet neighbor, who sees me looking more and more frazzled by the day.
28 walks to the school bus stop
4 Zumba classes missed
1 big zit on my cheek (nice timing, mate)
1 rushed pedicure with a sympathetic friend
1 taxi to be ordered
1 sense of humor unbelieveably still more or less intact


Combine all ingredients roughly in a medium sized family home, bake with scorching Virginian sun for ten days, then drizzle with a bottle of wine. Leave to rest for seven hours at a high altitude before enjoying.

Chaotic Etsy packing
Rushed printing experiment
I will always have time to volunteer at the school
Can’t wait!

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