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Beating Off The Doldrums – Mood Boosters for Self Employed Makers and Creatives

I enjoy running my own business because I work well alone. I am a pretty self motivated human and very understanding boss! You will more often than not, find me in a satisfying flow state drawing up new ideas for my business and happily working away in my studio. However this cannot always be the …

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Forced Breaks – When Fate Takes You In Hand

I haven’t blogged much over the past few weeks because, well, the ongoing construction of my studio has turned me into a nomad of sorts and slowed me down. I have been feeling pretty discombobulated and odd (well odder than usual). It’s been weird. I love working. I like to be left in solitude to …

wellness, work ethic

Take A Break Already!

I am so done with this year… …but not in an angry or frustrated way. It has been a good year for me, professionally, and a very productive craft show season. However, right now my mind is turning into jelly – it desperately needs a winter break. After a couple of months of working weekends …

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Time For a break…Almost

  In 9.5 days I will be on holiday-┬áthis has been my mantra all day (friends in the USA, try as I might, I still can’t get used to saying vacation). I have been using this mantra to self soothe. I’m mentally tired, and sore from standing upright for 8+ hours at each of┬áthose fairs. …

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It’s Not Always About Getting Ahead

This is a post dedicated to all those small business owners and fledgling entrepreneurs out there. Keep your chins up and read on : First let’s get three things straight. My business is growing, but it’s growing very slowly. Very slowly. I have clearly missed the overnight success boat. Secondly, I have very little in …

happiness, productivity

Learning to Slow Down

One of the big reasons that I write this blog is to clear my head of all the fluffy nonsense in it, and keep focused on the stuff I need to focus on (rather than ‘100 cutest winter coats‘, and that episode of ‘Lost’ that I watched last night). When I don’t blog for a …

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