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Take A Break Already!
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Take A Break Already!

I am so done with this year…

…but not in an angry or frustrated way. It has been a good year for me, professionally, and a very productive craft show season. However, right now my mind is turning into jelly – it desperately needs a winter break.
After a couple of months of working weekends at craft markets, and staying up late to finish off heat pressing/labeling/inventory, and a few days of attending school holiday events, it’s official: I’m done. Bring out the mince pies and wine (or angry looking gingerbread people, in my case).IMG_3542

I blame my upbringing (as usual). Growing up in England, things always seemed to slow down towards Christmas, and the winter break was a sacred thing, not just for little kids. Even as an adult, I remember the rules at work softening in December, people leaving a little early for drinks, tinsel adorning workwear. I wonder if it is still the same over there, or am I just remembering an outdated version of British life?
Either way, surely everyone deserves a little extra time off to be warm and fuzzy at this time of year?
I’m noticing that there really doesn’t seem to be a gradual easing of brakes over here. It looks to me that even my middle schooler is going to keep working at full steam right up until Friday (and then probably crash over the weekend), and most people start thinking about work again on the morning of the 26th. I think we need to enjoy the Holiday season more, and be a little gentler on ourselves.

I used to be a school teacher, so I miss having a proper winter break. Luckily, being my own boss does have its privileges, so I am slowing down my pace, and giving myself  a bit of time with my sketchbook and thoughts every day, in order to unwind before 2019 bursts onto the scene.  It is going to be a busy year,  starting with  camp enrollments in January, designing and making the new Spring/Summer collection, the construction of my studio, and my Arts Fairfax residency in February.  Phew!

I hope you also get a chance to properly unwind before the New Year. Go take a break!
Happy Holidays!

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