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Take A Break Already!

I am so done with this year… …but not in an angry or frustrated way. It has been a good year for me, professionally, and a very productive craft show season. However, right now my mind is turning into jelly – it desperately needs a winter break. After a couple of months of working weekends …

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Work Hard, Take a Break, Smile

Those of us charged with setting our own schedules every day are particularly prone to being workaholics (I’m looking at you, most small business owners). Not having a boss, or colleagues to answer to can go one of two ways. Either you fall apart, or you become very, very organized. I’ve become something of an …

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Gratitude Amidst Grieving

I have been feeling pretty despondent over the past couple of weeks, and it has been difficult for me to cobble together even the tiniestĀ of positive posts lately. After a periodĀ of hibernation, and greatly reduced productivity, I finally got myself back to full steam at work yesterday. I did this by focusing on the glimmers …

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