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Learning to Slow Down
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Learning to Slow Down


One of the big reasons that I write this blog is to clear my head of all the fluffy nonsense in it, and keep focused on the stuff I need to focus on (rather than ‘100 cutest winter coats‘, and that episode of ‘Lost’ that I watched last night).

When I don’t blog for a long period of time, one of two reasons are to blame. I’ve listed them below.

1 – I’m ridiculously busy, and barely have time to eat, let alone blog.

2 – I’ve slunk into a confused mess, and have no idea what I’m doing.

Funnily enough, this time both reasons are true.

After a truly productive summer which yielded my “bestest summer camps ever” (quoted by an enthusiastic 2nd grader covered in paint), and a spate of successful outdoor fairs, the school year began and my routine was turned on it’s side.

Last year, when the kids went off to school I worked in a frenzy until they got home. This year my 3 year old has been placed in a short morning program, followed by speech therapy sessions that I escort him to. My work hours have been dramatically cut down to 2.5 a day, and I have spent a month in what can only be described as shock.

It has taken me a while to adapt to my new lifestyle. This morning I dropped my son off at school and headed to the library to write this post, as a way to think clearly and move forward. Here is what I’m going to do (well of course a list is necessary!)…

  • Make the most of my time with my son, and enjoy his adorable company.
  • Take a deep breath and accept that it is going to be a slow year for Noctiluna.
  • Understand that this is temporary, and stop being so dramatic.
  • Pick and choose my projects carefully.

So, I will be doing a little online teaching with, and two winter fairs. I may run an after school art class, and in the winter months, I’ll focus on that book I’ve been talking about for years.

Aaaaaaaaaaah. I feel better already. Thanks!

My partner in crime
My partner in crime

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