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Summer Is Here! A Look At The 2019 Camp Themes

The Noctiluna summer camps are filling up rapidly, and I have started my closing dance of nervous excitement that happens like clockwork each May/June. When most other teachers are starting to exhale towards their summer break, I start frantically ordering materials, collecting found objects, meeting with my colleagues and checking my planner constantly. The planner …


Friendly Advice for Summer Camp Teachers

It’s pretty early to be talking about summer camp, I know, but in Northern Virginia things tend to happen sooner. Summer vacation plans are often locked down by December, Summer camps spots are booked in February, and most parents have a 2019-20 school calendar already printed out and highlighted on a wall somewhere. A little …

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An Honest Tale About Owning A Business And Sticking At It

I find being an owner of a small business so…freaking…hard sometimes. Actually, I find it hard most of the time. All those pretty, pretty photos on Instagram of me serenely working at a cluttered desk, or stacks of my work drying against sunny windows – glossy products of my industriousness, really don’t cover it at …