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New Year Do-Over – What To Do When Things Go Wrong.

New Year, normally: I have always treated the beginning of a new year with reverence. Well not always. In my twenties, I hated New Years Eve. I hated waking up feeling tired and depleted on the first of January after an evening of pretending to have fun at some lame New Years bash. So starting …

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Sliding into the Holidays

Much time has passed since my last offering here. I apologise for the long break, but it was time well spent, trust me. As I am writing this just before I leave for the airport to spend the Holidays in England, I need to be quite quick about it – so a list should do …

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Super Busy, Extra Thankful

It has been a volatile month or so here at Noctiluna HQ (also known as the studio above my garage). In late October/ early November, feeling ragged and uninspired, I gave myself a two week break from printing. I spent this time locked my studio exploring my painterly side and listening to audiobooks while muttering …


Exploring my Painterly Side

September was a big crazy, blurry rush to get products made and ready for the Fall markets. I worked late at night, early in the morning, and on weekends. October was jam packed with markets, and there was barely time to breathe in between making, selling and marketing my products. November has been the opposite. …

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Recent Happenings

I have not felt like writing a blog post in a while. It just hasn’t been happening naturally because I haven’t had the time to sit and think about my days at all.The holiday shopping season is the busiest time of the year for me, and it seems to start earlier and earlier each year. …

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A/W 19-20 The Collection So Far

The summer break feels like it happened eons ago! As soon as the camps were over and the kids were nestled back into school, I dived straight into printing the Autumn/Winter collection. That first day back in my studio was a beautiful experience. The silence, the space, the empty print table beckoning me. The ability …

education, summer camp

Summer Camp 2019- The Final Week! Sob.

I’m typing this while sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea, wearing pyjamas and nursing some very sore muscles. At the beginning of every Summer I get overly excited about teaching at camp. By the end of camp I’m crawling around like a broken lizard and falling asleep at eight in the evening. …


Summer Camp – Comics and Books

Last week’s camp got really, REALLY silly. Well, the younger kids’ class was just a little bit sillier than the older class. We watched some Snoopy cartoons, and then designed and mono-printed our own comic strips. After this we transitioned smoothly onto Captain Underpants and Dog Man stories, which resulted in a lot of uncontrolled …

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Summer Camp – Architecture and Town Planning Week

And so the first week of this year’s Noctiluna Summer Camps is over. I had planned to write this post on Friday evening. Turns out I was suffering from the convenient amnesia that occurs each year at the beginning of camp season. I always forget just how intense this camp is for everyone – campers …

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Chennai with Kids

We have been to Chennai with our kids many times, and yet I have never written a post about the experience. Strange, right? I love writing travel guides for parents, and have waxed lyrical about London, Paris, New York, and Copenhagen in the past, but not Chennai. Why? Because, to be very honest, Chennai is …

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