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Friendly Advice for Summer Camp Teachers

It’s pretty early to be talking about summer camp, I know, but in Northern Virginia things tend to happen sooner. Summer vacation plans are often locked down by December, Summer camps spots are booked in February, and most parents have a 2019-20 school calendar already printed out and highlighted on a wall somewhere. A little …

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An Honest Tale About Owning A Business And Sticking At It

I find being an owner of a small business so…freaking…hard sometimes. Actually, I find it hard most of the time. All those pretty, pretty photos on Instagram of me serenely working at a cluttered desk, or stacks of my work drying against sunny windows – glossy products of my industriousness, really don’t cover it at …

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Is It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

The holiday season is upon us, and crafters everywhere are investing heavily in multipacks of Hothands, wearing their wooliest hand knitted socks, and braving the extreme cold to bring their beautiful wares to you. This is all for you! But what does this time of year feel like for crafters? Well, I can’t speak for …