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The End of My Blue-Period
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The End of My Blue-Period

I’m back on the proverbial wagon.

“When did you fall off?” I hear you say. “Wow, I didn’t know you had a drink problem.”  I hear you think.

No, no, no. I do not have a drink problem (unless it is tea we are talking about here). I mean the productivity wagon.
For approximately four, LONG and dismal weeks, my family has been on a constant and relentless treadmill of illness. During this, let’s call it my ‘Blue-period’, it was very difficult to keep my little business, and my mind, from going gooey. It’s bad enough being a sick mommy with sick kids, but add being your own boss to that, and a creative itch that just won’t go away, and things get a little worse.

I took my own advice and rested (I am, after all, a very understanding boss), but I also managed to do a few little things. I rearranged my work space (see before and after pictures below), and I made a series of pointless drawings, that actually turned out to have a point – I may use them as covers for notebooks that I am making. The drawings made me smile, I don’t think I would have made them if I was having a normal work week.

See, everything happens for a reason.

And I will leave you to ponder that lovely philosophical point. I’m off to make something to show you in my next post.

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