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The Lion and the Unicorn
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The Lion and the Unicorn

Let me tell you something about myself.

Maybe some of you know this already, but part of my mind is permanently stuck at five years old. I vividly remember being this age – like it was yesterday. I remember my emotions and opinions, I remember what mattered to me the most then, and what upset me the most. I remember being five in technicolor with surround sound, and this is why I do what I do. I based my life and business around kids, because I like and understand them. I am the kind of adult who gets seriously excited about a game of hide and seek followed by a bike ride.

A while back I had an impromptu brainstorm …with representatives from my target market. Every business mogul out there spouts advice about really knowing your target market, and getting feedback from them, so I did just that.

Armed with cookies and a lot of wipes, I asked my son, daughter and their buddies what they wanted to see on my shirts this spring/summer  – “unicorns, definitely unicorns – maybe with sparkles” said the seven year old girls, ” flowers” said the five year old girls, “Rooaaaar!” said my three year old son. ” I don’t like shirts” said his friend. My eyes lit up. A sign had been sent to me from my past …


The lion and the unicorn
Were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn
All around the town.
Some gave them white bread,
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake
and drummed them out of town                                                                                                                                                                                                
That was a  British nursery rhyme that I used to love as a child – ahhhhhhhhhh sweet serendipity.
I’ll post pictures of the finished shirts when they are done.

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