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Form-filler’s Lament
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Form-filler’s Lament

I am many things: Art-maker, Story-teller, Cart-pusher, Butt-wiper, Pen-stealer, Tea-lover, Tantrum-soother, List-writer, Number-cruncher, Library-loiterer, Pot-scrubber, Cookie-monster, Lesson-planner, and Head-honcho, to name just a few.

If it is labels you are after, then I could go on and on. Some labels are more desirable than others; Story-telling and Library-loitering are two of my happiest activities. However, over the past week  I have been stuck with a most undesirable label…


On my sliding scale of great to terrible labels, Form-filler falls just below Butt-wiper (but slightly above Tantrum-soother). I do not like forms, I do not enjoy poking around looking for lost details about my life and work, and I am incapable of remembering dates and numbers.

Well actually that last part is not completely true. I am actually really good at remembering dates and numbers, just not ones that are actually useful when filling out a form. For example, I know when the Locarno treaty was signed after the Great War (October 1925), and I know that the Munich Putsch happened in 1923, I know that Nirvana released Nevermind in 1991, and I can still remember my British National Insurance number, but I can’t remember my Social Security Number…. ever.

I’m just not a Form-filler.
Nonetheless, January and February are form filling time, especially for me. February is when I apply to take part in all those lovely Craft fairs that happen in Summer and Fall. Somewhat perversely, it is also the time when I start enrollment for my Spring and Summer camps, and send other people forms to fill out (Noctiluna forms are mercifully short, and do not include questions such as “Why do you think, you would be a valuable member of this camp?“).

As you can imagine, Form-filling uses up a lot of valuable Art-making time, so I have no images of fresh artwork to show you today. However, this morning the forms will be done (well, almost) and I am planning to get started on designing new shirts. I look forward to posting pictures next time!

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