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Sliding into the Holidays
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Sliding into the Holidays

Much time has passed since my last offering here. I apologise for the long break, but it was time well spent, trust me. As I am writing this just before I leave for the airport to spend the Holidays in England, I need to be quite quick about it – so a list should do the job.

Here is what I have been up to lately…

Making products for winter markets

Riding trains with my transport obsessed son

The Princeton Dinky, NJ Transit, DC Metro – he is obsessed

Making deliveries to shops (and taking really bad selfies)

Hanging out and drinking coffee with my husband

Because we all need a break with our favorite people

Planning a fabulous Art/Yoga camp for Summer 2020 with Mindfulnest Yoga

Watch this space. It is going to be WONDERFUL!

Having a blast working at Grump Holiday Market at Zoolights

Inventory, inventory and more inventory

Made bearable by a space heater, tea, and audiobooks

Organising crafts for 4th grade parties, just so I can party with the cool kids.

I’m off to London to spend my first Christmas in fifteen years in my original hometown! Mince pies, pantomimes, and the Queen’s speech lie ahead. Hopefully, I’ll manage to squeeze in one more post for 2019. Until then, Happy Holidays to you all! x

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