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8 Happy Things Looming On My Horizon
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8 Happy Things Looming On My Horizon

I have a close friend whose son asked me for “something awesome” on a visit. Nothing specific, just…“something awesome” – right, no pressure then.

At the time I was actually tickled pink that he had chosen me as his personal purveyor of awesome things, but I wasn’t quite sure that the two of us had similar tastes in awesomeness. I think Neil Gaiman books, strong cups of tea, and chubby babies are awesome. I’m pretty sure those things are not on his list.
Are there some things that are empirically awesome to all beings, or atleast most beings? Maybe, being in love, or making a friend.
I’m really not sure whether you would rate the following things as awesome, but I do. They are things I am definitely very much looking forward to. Through the stress and mess of May, they are the glimmer of sunshine on my horizon. Here is my list of upcoming awesome, small and large…

  1. The Day after ViVa Vienna

    I always have a booth at my local Memorial Day Festival, and it’s always fun, but  soooo looooong. I’m on my feet from 8am until 7pm for two days in a row, and this year I’ll be doing it without sugary snacks (oh, did I fail to mention that I’m not eating artificial sugar for a month? No biggie. Sob). The Tuesday after Memorial Day, do NOT call me. Do NOT send me emails about work. DO NOT EVEN look at me. I’ll be lying supine on my bed, listening to Ms Peregrine and ignoring the world. I rarely take a day off. It’s going to be great.

  2. The first week of Summer camp

    I may seem incredibly stressed right now, in terms of dealing with camp enrollment, curriculum and materials orders, but know that once the camp actually starts, I’ll be in my element. I LOVE teaching camp, and being a complete goofball for the whole time. I think I stopped maturing at ten. The camp kids are my people.

  3.  School Rock Concert

    My twelve year old will be drumming to a Red Hot Chilli Peppers Song, and I’m just a tiny bit more excited about this than is decent. This is an important year for her, as she is crossing over to middle school. However, despite the graduation ceremony, and final party looming, this is what I’m looking forward to the most. I will try my hardest not to embarrass her, but no promises.

  4. Glow in the dark Yoga

    Whaaat? What brilliant mind came up with this? My twelve year old and I can’t wait to attend this event cooked up by my gym. I’m sure we will be asked to leave at some point, due to all the giggling and frenzied glow bracelet activity.

  5. Seeing my parents again

    …in my hometown, London. The comfort I feel when I go back is immeasurable. I’m a puzzle piece clicked into place. Good tea, jaffa cakes, old neighbours and friends, woolly sweaters in the summer, regular supplies of sarcasm, decent public transport. Sigh…heaven.

  6. Frida Kahlo’s Clothes

    The V&A has an exhibition of Frida Kahlo’s belongings and I, her biggest fan, will be in London to view it (jumping up and down and clapping)! They must have known.  I can hardly contain my excitement.

    The 12 year old dressed as Frida.
  7. My birthday

    …in Denmark!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. I will turn 42 in Copenhagen. The architecture, the coffee, the food, the long daylight hours. Just so you know, I plan on being insufferable.

  8. The Handmaid’s Tale

    What do you mean, I have to wait for a whole week to watch the next episode? I am totally obsessed with this series based on one of my favorite books. Every Wednesday gets me worked up all over again for a new episode.

So there you go. So much to look forward to. It helps to make a list like this once in a while. Even though I like to live in the moment, sometimes a little glimpse of upcoming awesomeness is good for the soul. What’s on your awesome list?

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