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How the Rain Motivated Me To Start Writing Curriculum
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How the Rain Motivated Me To Start Writing Curriculum

I have been holed up in my local library writing curriculum all week. It is perfect weather for this: the rain has been unrelenting for days, and there is hardly any sunlight filtering through the windows, and I have turned into a solid, unmoving rock. A childhood spent in England has definitely not made me immune to the melancholy and inertia that this type of weather can usher in.

Needless to say, I have not been posting much content on Instagram or Facebook. Pages of printed lesson plans are just not as pretty to look at as freshly printed fabric and blue skies, and artificial yellow lights don’t help much with anything. Tea does though, lots of it, and Bob Marley, and a good motivational book to read during breaks.

I have been putting this week of curriculum writing off for quite a while, I keep finding other things to do. But the Noctiluna Summer Camps  do kick off in June, so it’s about time to take a break from the shirt production, while I squint into my laptop screen and try to squeeze big ideas out of my brain. The heavy rain is a real ally, because I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t even want to go to yoga class this week. Gasp!


It is taking me much longer than usual to write my lesson plans, because it’s the first year that I am writing plans for other teachers to use.  Yes, my lesson plans actually have to make sense to other human beings! Whaaat?? How this work??? I don’t normally make a habit of talking sense to other humans, this is hard!  It doesn’t help that a lot of my summer camp teaching is very intuitive, and free flowing. I often just change direction according to my own, and students’ whims. How do you fold all of that into a lesson plan?

Well I have been trying. I have been writing in waves, and revisiting my plans over and over again to make sure that they make sense and have layers of meaning. I’m pleased to say that I’m almost there, and the camps are looking in pretty good shape.

So you have done your job well rain. Thank you. Now please stop. I want to go out in flip flops, and do yoga, and take summery photos, and eat frozen dairy products that I really shouldn’t be eating.  Speaking of which, Memorial Day is coming up, and my next (very, very local) show is almost here. So see you at ViVA Vienna, folks!

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