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Favourite Things This Winter
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Favourite Things This Winter

Aaah bitterly cold January, only marginally more bearable than February, the month of Mockolate kisses, cabin fever, and dread.

As you can see, winter has never been my favorite season, but I’m getting slightly better at dealing with it; you might even say I’m slowly warming up to it. See what I did there? A bit of seasonal humor for you, I always try my best.

There are actually some nice things about extremely cold weather. For example, being able to snuggle up in multiple cozy blankets while watching a good film, or that moment when you enter your warm home from the cold outside, and someone hands you a hot cup of tea. Those are singularly pleasant experiences that wouldn’t exist at all without winter. Winter, you’re not so bad after all.

Below, is a list of some things that have been making me happy this winter. You may find them ridiculous, amusing, or both; or you may actually find an affinity with some of them. Either way, read on and (hopefully) enjoy…..

Being immersed in another world
There is nothing like finding a good book that sucks you into it’s pages and keeps you there in a warm embrace for a while. If this happens in the winter, it is indeed a happy occurrence. The Miniaturist has done this to me, and now I’m totally obsessed with the workings of fifteenth century Holland. I’m a historical fiction geek, what can I say.

Taking refuge in a library
Actually, I like libraries at any time of the year, but they are especially useful in bad weather. Warm, dry, full of books, kid friendly, free, what’s not to like?

Winter nights in
This might actually be my age speaking, but I’m actually enjoying the whole blanket-sofa-slippers-tea experience in the evening. I know it’s an excuse to hibernate and be lazy, but I don’t care, it’s not forever. Spring will be here soon enough with it’s get up and go attitude in tow.
I’ve been watching The Grimm with my husband, and we are hooked. Of course, we are the generation that grew up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, as I said before, geeks. Keep that in mind before you explore, please.

Mulled Wine
I know this is a Christmas thing, but it just tastes so good, and gives you a warm feeling in your belly. It should be appreciated throughout winter really. I heart mulled wine.

New Year’s Cleaning
I love the idea of a fresh start, in every way possible. Clearing away the Christmas decorations is just a catalyst for me to clean out my home, and especially my work space. It has actually made me more productive over the past week. You know what they say, ‘declutter your environment, declutter your mind’ (not sure who ‘they’ are, but it sure makes sense to me).

I used to be a yoga baby. I started practicing it when I was eight, during my Indian dance classes. Since then, I’ve been doing yoga on and off throughout my life, but I completely stopped over the past eight years or so. I’m a pretty active person, and I’ve drifted through various martial arts, dance classes, and intensive workouts (including one horrific summer of P90X), but this year I found myself realizing just how much I’ve been missing yoga and meditation. I’ve started going to a class, and found its benefits more obvious than ever. I’m definitely going to start teaching my kids.

Winter weekend mornings
What is it with kids? On school days, you could march into their rooms playing the tuba and clashing cymbals, and they still wouldn’t be able to wake up, but on weekends they are up at the crack of dawn, waiting creepily by your bed holding a fart gun; this is a problem many parents face.
Winter weekend mornings are bit better for me. The kids are cold, and more likely to be lying in their warm beds for longer. Also, my kids are still small and cuddly enough to get into bed with me and snuggle in the mornings, any extra heat helps.
Also, getting out of bed is so much harder in the winter, that weekend mornings are that much sweeter for their extra moments in bed. It’s all about appreciating what you have.

There you have it, it’s all about appreciating what you have.
Happy sofa hogging!







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