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Doing A Lot And Very Little At The Same Time – My Unique Work Week.
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Doing A Lot And Very Little At The Same Time – My Unique Work Week.

I’m going on vacation next week (yay!) so, of course, this week was supposed to be a week of frenzied non-stop work, and last minute run-around chores (boo!). If my Fitbit had not broken (Again. Seriously, design a better strap already.) it should be clocking impressive miles. However, a three hour long pediatrician appointment on Tuesday, a two hour IEP meeting on Wednesday, a pretty large plumbing disaster, and a storm put paid to that plan. But I tried to stay focused and productive, and I don’t want to dwell on the negative. So here is a list of things I have done, and things I have enjoyed over the past week:

Crafting Progress

The tee shirts and onesies for the Spring/Summer shows are almost done, after a few sewing marathons. Now let the worrying about whether I have made enough commence.


Current Reads

I always have a few books on the go. This week, I’m thoroughly enjoying Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime, which jolted memories of Journey To Jo’burg  from my school days, so I ordered it to read with my ten year old. I’m not getting through the Elegance of the Hedgehog very fast, but I suspect that is because I’m listening to it in the car, rather than giving it all my attention – it has yet to capture my heart. Neil Gaiman books are a permanent fixture in my life, much like teatime and punk rock. My daughter is currently obsessed with Anglo Saxon culture, so we excitedly compare notes about Norse v Anglo Saxon culture. Nerds for life and proud of it.
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I’m working on this piece right now, and am at the bottom of the painter’s curve, where  I’m deeply unsatisfied with how it is going. But I’ll push on through until it starts working.

Sketchbook Updates

My poor sketchbook has been a bit neglected this week. I need to push myself to do more observational drawing. I have always loved drawing, but tend to just draw abstract or imagined imagery. My observational drawing skills are getting rusty, so I plan to work more on that next week.


I’m a voracious, lifelong learner. Lately, I’ve been on a professional development streak. I’m thinking of ways to grow my business, and new skills I can acquire. In my last post I talked about incorporating a Learning Hour into each day, dedicated to developing skills, and learning new things. Well I have been doing just that, and an hour just doesn’t feel long enough! I have been working on updating my portfolio and my blog this week.
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Summer Camps

Enrollment is finally open for the Noctiluna summer camps, and I have been knee deep in registration forms and spreadsheets. my head is permanently in curriculum writing mode, and literally everywhere I go, there is something that sparks off an idea for a camp project. I was shopping in Target yesterday, and a set of toddler building blocks got me thinking about a 3D architecture project.

Happy Spring Break!

I’ll be on vacation next week. Hopefully, I’ll come back with a happy sketchbook. When I get back, expect a LOT of curriculum writing, tea, and ridiculously exciting news about summer camp themes. I know you can’t wait. 😉
Have a lovely weekend!


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