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Six Cool Things to do in DC this Winter
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Six Cool Things to do in DC this Winter

A very dear friend of mine was supposed to visit DC this winter, and had asked me for suggestions of places to visit and things to do while she was here. Unfortunately, her trip has been canceled due to all the nasty rumors out there of an impending terror attack on DC. My heart feels so heavy when I think about the recent ISIS attack on Paris, and there seems to be a dark cloud hanging over the world at the moment.
These types of crises do tend to bring out the best and worst in people, and it is understandable that people all over the world are feeling insecure and scared. However, life must and will go on, and it is in this spirit that I present this blog post to you, a hopeful post.

Hopefully, my lovely, fragrant friend will make it to DC sometime in the near future, because I have found some cool things for her to see here. Speaking of cool, while researching places for her to visit, I stumbled upon this amazing website called, that opened my eyes to things DCwise in a way that makes me want to forget that I am a suburban mom, and just move to DC and live undercover for a while.

I’m travelling to India this Friday (expect silence, followed by more posts like this soon!). However once I am back, these are the things I really want to do in DC over the Winter….

  1. The DC Downtown Holiday Market
    Beautiful crafts, cozy ambiance, yummy holiday food, and my kids will love it. I rarely get to enjoy a good craft market without being a vendor, this will be fun.
  2. The Fridge
    I love street art, and contemporary art, how on earth could I not have known about The Fridge?? Apparently, you get there by following the graffitti and murals, it’s like a Banksy Hansel and Gretel thing . They have a textile art exhibition called Sew Rad on until Dec 6th, which I will be sad to miss.
  3. Escape Room Live
    Every single thing about this is making my spine tingle! Apparently there are Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter themed rooms, and it is a real life gaming experience. I’m hyperventilating just thinking about the concept. Also a friend’s husband helped to design it all. Very cool.
  4. Wonder 
    The Renwick Gallery has just been reopened, and this exhibition looks amazing. No need to say anything, just check out the website.
  5. The Train Exhibit at the US Botanical Gardens
    I will not lie, I enjoy this more than I should. There is a different theme each year, my daughter particularly enjoyed the fairy theme exhibit, my son loves trains, I love the warmth of the gardens, my husband loves botany. Hence, a happy day out for us all.
  6. Zoolights
    Lights, animals, gingerbread, hot cocoa, and free entrance? Yes Please!!

What are you looking forward to doing in DC this Winter? Please do share your ideas with me.

Here’s to looking towards the future with hope and happiness. 

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