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7 Very Specific Things I Am Looking Forward To In Safer Times

7 Very Specific Things I Am Looking Forward To In Safer Times

Admit it, we have all been making these lists in our heads for a while. It helps pass the time while moving from your kitchen to your living room again and again, in an unending search for snack foods and novelty.
Although I believe very much in living in the present and not ruminating too much over the past or future, I find myself dreaming of the future more often now that Spring is nearing. We are not sure when it will be safe enough to do many of the below things, but it is definitely going to happen.
So, here is my list of big and very small things that I am looking forward to the most in a safer world, in no order of importance. Feel free to share some of yours below too.

1. Getting a proper haircut

I am beginning to resemble Cousin It from the Addams family (a tired, greying Cousin It with a long braid, wearing a bobble hat). I have always been pretty low maintenance about my hair but this is getting ridiculous. I want to go to a really good salon and take my time. I want a delicious head massage, and I want to walk out looking like one of those people in shampoo adverts for about ten minutes please.

2. Having friends in my house

The pleasure of my friends’ company is heavily outweighing the pros of not having to clean my house as fastidiously as before. The weather is getting warmer, and we will be able to meet outdoors more often for a walk or picnic (freezing our faces off on someone’s stoop really hasn’t worked). But more than anything, I want to make a pot of tea and sit in my kitchen with friends, eating , drinking and talking at our own leisure and letting our kids run around the house while we do.

3. Having an in person memorial service for my dad

This is always on my mind. My lovely dad was adored by many, but we were unable to give him the funeral service he deserved. I think this has somewhat stunted our grieving process. As soon as we are able to, I want to get people he loved and cared for in a room together, so we can share memories of him and pay our respects properly, with hugs.

4. Having the House To Myself for a whole day

Oh, for the love of all that is good and decent in this world, make them leave me alone for an hour! Why are they always here? I remember that sweet time of the day when everyone else had left for work and school, when I could revel in the silence around me, make a cup of tea and start my work in peace. Now there is nowhere to retreat to for even a minute. My son is ensconced in my studio, my husband works in our bedroom (making me have to commando crawl through the room to get my glasses from the nightstand, if he is in a video meeting). If I ever try to get some alone time in any room in the house, within seconds a child (or sometimes an adult) turns up with “I’m hungry”, “What are you doing?” and my own personal favorite “Is the laundry done?” Also, it would be lovely to get through an hour of yoga without someone bursting into the room to see if I’m done yet.

5. Selling at Markets!

I have been working in a vacuum for so long that I don’t know what I am doing anymore. With no feedback, or contact with customers and fellow makers, I have no idea whether I am on the right track with my work or if anyone even really cares. I’m wallowing in my own self pity too much here. I can’t wait to be in the hustle and bustle of a market place again.

6. Taking my own sweet time!

Instead of rushing around shops as though I’m on a timed obstacle course, throwing items into a basket and dodging other humans. I want to just wander and stare at things I don’t need. I want to dawdle, especially in bookshops, and not constantly worry about how close people are to me. This is a silly one, considering I’m not really much of a shopper, but I still think about it. Actually, I would be happy to just do this in a museum, gallery, or a library. I miss my library so much!

7. Dressing up for an event

To be honest, I do actually like my day to day leggings and sweatshirt combo. It makes it easy to yoga through my day. However, it would be nice to wear a pair of heels and drag a comb through my hair every once in a while. I need an event to motivate me to do this, and dates in my living room don’t really do that.

Okay. Now what are you looking forward to the most? Have I missed something important?

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