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Slow Fashion: Mend More, Waste Less, Eat The Cake
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Slow Fashion: Mend More, Waste Less, Eat The Cake

As always I’m late to the party but Happy New Year, all! Big inky thoughts of happiness to all of you, from me.

After the nightmare that was 2020, it would not be too extreme to say that this particular crossover to a new twelve months is loaded with an unfair degree of hope and expectation.
I am tempering my expectations, but desperately want this to be a year of healing, peace and balance. A year of good intentions, good acts… and good cake.

With that in mind, it seems fitting to kick 2021 off by introducing you to a new Noctiluna service, PrintUP!, that is very much about good intentions and healing.

PrintUP! is a textile upcycling service aimed at encouraging people to reduce waste, and utilize resources more carefully. I am hoping that, instead of throwing away textiles that are stained or old, people will bring them to me for an upgrade. A fresh print can elongate the life of most items, and avoid unnecessary waste (see pictures of freshly upcycled clothes below). The whole process is very simple, just check out the PrintUP! page on my website.

I have been trying to steer my company in a more environmentally conscious direction since, well, since I founded it. Fashion can be a wasteful, and, frankly harmful, industry. Trends come and go at the blink of an eye, and so do the clothes we buy, if we fall into a habit of mindless consumption.

That is why Noctiluna subscribes to a Slow Fashion ethos.
When printing products, I have always focused on quality and longevity over low costs and high production rates. I hand print in small batches and make sure that all garments are sturdy and sourced from ethical companies. All Noctiluna prints are heat pressed for longevity, and the kids’ designs are ungendered for universal wear. The big aim is for Noctiluna products to be worn, reworn, and passed down again, and again through generations.
PrintUP! is the logical next step to this. An aged or damaged garment can be mended and reused, moving closer to a zero waste lifestyle!

The History

PrintUP! was born after my daughter spilt hot chocolate (of course) on a brand new (and expensive!) pale pink top. We saved it by printing over the stain with an indigo geometric print (see below), and it turned into one of her favorite garments. Happy daughter, zero unnecessary waste, happy mom, score!

Oh, and just in case being kind to the planet is not enough motivation for you to upcycle your textiles, printing a garment with PrintUP! is cheaper than buying a new hand-printed garment. IT SAVES YOU MONEY! That money can go towards cake, or whatever floats your boat.
Happy Thoughts!

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