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A Very Silly Post about Mosquitos

A Very Silly Post about Mosquitos;

I have been in Chennai for five days now. The mosquitos don’t seem to have forgotten me. They follow me everywhere, and completely ignore my companions. I think that they have actually been anticipating my visit. Maybe they arranged some sort of convention. Maybe they put out an advertisement announcing my arrival. If they did, I would imagine …

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Leaving some spots uncolored

I have become a White person. No this is not a statement about my racial identity. It is purely aesthetic. I have recently discovered my love of the color white in all it’s variations. Ivory, cream, jasmine, titanium, I love them all. The simple pop of a clean color print on a white background can …

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Small town splendor

Small town splendor;

I’m a city girl. I grew up in London, and spent my adolescence fantasizing about working in New York, Paris, or Tokyo, or maybe even Sydney. These fantasies made sense professionally as well, the aforementioned cities  being hotbeds of art, design, and general grooviness. Perfect places for a young designer to live and work in. …