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A/W 19-20 The Collection So Far
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A/W 19-20 The Collection So Far

The summer break feels like it happened eons ago! As soon as the camps were over and the kids were nestled back into school, I dived straight into printing the Autumn/Winter collection.

That first day back in my studio was a beautiful experience. The silence, the space, the empty print table beckoning me. The ability to drink a cup of tea on my own without any interruption. The ability to finish a thought without interruption. It’s the little things, folks.

As you can see, I’ve got a fair amount done so far, but there is still so much more to do. My first show of the season is the CraftyFestival DC, which is in two weeks time. There are also piles of products to be packed and delivered to Gift and Gather, Steadfast Supply and Analog by the end of this week. Wait, is it Thursday already??
But despite the time crunch and the mildly panicking tone of this post, I’m loving it all. Screen printing is very much my oversized piece of cherry Bakewell cake. Fear not. Here are some new things this year-

Full Length Bodysuits

Perfect for the winter time. I have just made a few of these to trial this year. If they sell well, I will make multiple designs next year.


These are not made yet, but I really want to make some soft, cushiony objects for babies that will go with onesies to make a gift set. They would work well as stocking stuffers as well. The printing is done, now I just have to figure out the sewing part (yikes). Watch this space for the first prototypes!

Woodland Creatures

The hedgehogs and squirrels are back!! When I first printed these onto onesies, there didn’t seem to be much interest in them, but woodland creatures have been appearing in kids fashion more recently, so they will have their day in the sun! Check out that gorgeous dusky rose color. I’m obsessed with it. I even have a pair of sweatpants in that color. Obsessed.

Revamped Elephant Sweatshirts

The elephants were not loved last winter. Why?? Doesn’t everyone love elephants? Anyway, I added a little shimmer to them in the form of some gold detailing. Maybe they were just too plain for the holiday season? Let’s see if they will sell better this year.

I am taking part in a few local markets this year, which are listed here. See you at one or two? I hope so.

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