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kids fashion, textile design

A/W 19-20 The Collection So Far

The summer break feels like it happened eons ago! As soon as the camps were over and the kids were nestled back into school, I dived straight into printing the Autumn/Winter collection. That first day back in my studio was a beautiful experience. The silence, the space, the empty print table beckoning me. The ability …

art and design, wellness

Work Hard, Take a Break, Smile

Those of us charged with setting our own schedules every day are particularly prone to being workaholics (I’m looking at you, most small business owners). Not having a boss, or colleagues to answer to can go one of two ways. Either you fall apart, or you become very, very organized. I’ve become something of an …

motivation, productivity

Doing Versus Writing – The Part Time Blogger’s Struggle

Most of the time, my blog and my design practice¬† have a lovely symbiotic relationship. I blog to clarify thoughts and ideas and write about things that propel me into action. The things I subsequently make, and the process of making them inspires me to blog again. This in turn motivates me to keep creating …

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