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Time For A Break

Time For A Break

I am traveling and recharging for a few weeks and will not be very communicative during that time. I tend not to use much technology during vacation time. My phone sits in a bag somewhere while I wander around parks smelling roses, literally and figuratively. Apologies for the silence, but rest assured I’ll be a better human when I get back.

Wait, how can you leave your lovely, brand new studio? I hear you cry. True, it was a wrench. The studio is indeed lovely and we are still in our honeymoon period. Truth be told, I think we will always be in our honeymoon period. However, this is important. We are immigrants, and traveling back to our family can rejuvenate mind, body and soul like nothing else.

My kids are veteran travelers. We have relatives in India and England, and like to visit new places and speak in new languages. They are masters of the long haul flight and have their creature comforts ready for the flight, including this large stack of books! We could do with Hermione Granger’s magic purse about now.

This summer we are visiting family in India, reuniting with cousins, enjoying the sounds and sights of Chennai, and spending some time at a tea plantation. Then we will go to my home town, London, where I will drink PG Tips with my parents, and reconnect with old friends and favorite hangouts. (the children will reconnect with Jaffa Cakes and Wimbledon Park).

I will be back rested and ready for the 2019 Summer Camps and the big Autumn print session, which I have so many, many ideas for. You will get posts about our travel adventures, but for a couple more weeks I will be pretty uncommunicative and doing stuff like this to recharge…

See you on the other side!

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