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Autumn Work/Life Update
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Autumn Work/Life Update

It is dark outside, and wet, and I’m sitting in a waiting room trying very hard not to fall asleep. It is not yet that time of year when all the festive excitement and glitter kicks in, but the days are definitely shorter and on cloudy days all I really seem to want to do is mainline chocolate and snuggle in a blanket. That is very much not an option though, this being a particularly busy time of year for me.
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I have Crafty Bastards DC coming up! Trust me, that statement deserved an exclamation mark. This monster of a show is the premier event for independent artists and makers in this area, and I am so, so, so very excited about seeing all the amazing, inspiring products there, and selling my products, and buying amazing, inspiring products with the money I make from selling my products… and feeling the buzz of being around other creatives, and, bumping into old crafty friends, and, and… everything else. As I said, I’m very excited. I am doing a few really stellar shows this year (check out the line up here), so I need to be totally prepared, and maybe a little more slick than usual. Which is why I have been bribing my kids and other neighborhood cuties with popsicles, cookies and hugs to pose for photoshoots lately.

This week I have been mostly pressing, labeling and packing shirts for CBDC, but this has been broken up with bursts of other activities. I have been chipping away at those unit plans for my upcoming school residency, and getting back into a workout routine (because Diwali is coming, and no, I won’t control how much chaat I eat). Look it up. I have also been spending more time with my sketchbook, which is making me incredibly happy. I have neglected my personal fine art practice for a while, and didn’t realize how essential it is to my wellbeing until now. I need to get back to the painting soon.

I may start another shirt printing session next week, and trial some heat press dyes. Apart from that it will be the usual stuff of life: homework, cuddles, Netflix, good books, laundry, early Christmas shopping, cooking and sleep – always save the best for last.
Happy Autumn everyone. Enjoy those long nights.

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