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Is It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

The holiday season is upon us, and crafters everywhere are investing heavily in multipacks of Hothands, wearing their wooliest hand knitted socks, and braving the extreme cold to bring their beautiful wares to you. This is all for you! But what does this time of year feel like for crafters? Well, I can’t speak for …

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Autumn Work/Life Update

It is dark outside, and wet, and I’m sitting in a waiting room trying very hard not to fall asleep. It is not yet that time of year when all the festive excitement and glitter kicks in, but the days are definitely shorter and on cloudy days all I really seem to want to do …

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Holidays, Crafting, and Kids: Why I’m a grump this December

  Untangling a big box of string lights – that’s a good analogy for my life right now. There are just so many different strands in there that need to be straightened out. I’m down to my very last holiday show. It’s been a good season, and the last show, Grump@Zoolights, looks very promising in …

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Autumn/Winter screenprinting sneak peek!

In my last post, I wrote about the benefits of printmaking for all people. Well, as it happens, one of those benefits (being happily engaged in a flow state), has lead to me doing not much else than screen printing for the past week. That’s great news for my business, in terms of being productive, …

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