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Autumn/Winter screenprinting sneak peek!
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Autumn/Winter screenprinting sneak peek!

In my last post, I wrote about the benefits of printmaking for all people. Well, as it happens, one of those benefits (being happily engaged in a flow state), has lead to me doing not much else than screen printing for the past week. That’s great news for my business, in terms of being productive, and on track for my first Fall Show. Not so exciting for this blog.

I don’t have any witty observations, exciting happenings, or deep(ish) thoughts to share, just a lot of pictures from my printing sessions!

Screen printing is an all encompassing, physically fulfilling activity; couple that with a looming deadline, and being a mum, and it doesn’t really leave space for much else. I’ve been printing rocket ships, pandas, dragons, hedgehogs and unicorns. I’m in a magical creature phase this Autumn, and accordingly, I have been using a lot of metallic inks, and broody colors. I’ve also developed an obsession with polka dots, and have been printing them in lieu of sewing patterned fabric onto my creatures (a relief for me, as I’m much better at printing than at sewing!). This has mostly worked very well, and can have a pretty cool trompe l’oeil effect. However, my eleven year old pointed out that the red polka dots on the panda’s tummies kind of look like measles (thanks for bursting the bubble, kid).

Here is a little sneak peek of what I will be selling at Art on the Avenue in Del Ray, VA on Oct 7th. Pre heat setting, pre labels, pre little cutesie finishing touches that make you sigh.
For your eyes only! 😉

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