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Finding My Screen Printing Bliss
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Finding My Screen Printing Bliss

One of the greatest advantages to running my own business is that, it is very hard to ever be bored with my job.

After an intense and very physical summer of running a summer camp and teaching art all day every day, it is really lovely to switch gears for a while, and get back to making things for the Autumn markets. The kids are back at school, and I have the whole house to myself. I have been pre washing onesies, coating and exposing screens, and screen printing like a woman obsessed over the past week. It is hard work, but also incredibly enjoyable.

Those first few moments in the morning after everyone else has left for school and work are sacred. I stand at my printing table with a cup of tea, listening to the silence and noticing the sunlight filtering through the windows and I feel happy. There is really nothing more serene than this. Screen printing itself is a form of meditation for me. The whole day can slip by while I am absorbed in my work, which is a good thing because…

…I have a lot to do.

My first show of the season, Uncorked, is in two weeks time. It is a wine festival at the National Zoo, which sounds unusual, but I’m hoping that my animal onesies will be a hit, and that the customers will not be too sloshed! I’m also doing Art on The Avenue this year, which is always, always a great event.

I’ll share more information about markets I will be taking part in, as soon as I have dates confirmed. Until then, here is what I have been doing this week:

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