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Post Crafty Bastards Update – Freezing My Socks Off with the best crafters
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Post Crafty Bastards Update – Freezing My Socks Off with the best crafters

Hellooo! Did you miss me, readers? Sorry for the lost week, but I have been ridiculously busy getting ready for the biggest show of the year, while trying not to neglect my poor children.

Printing up a storm – getting ready for Crafty Bastards
Shirts labeled and ready for packing
Hand printed paper bags

So…Crafty Bastards

What a crazy, a-ma-zing experience for me. It was my first time doing the show, and I was totally blown away by the quality of work from all the other vendors. If you like really good design, and handmade stuff, this is the show to attend. I wanted to buy everything! I probably would have bought everything, if it wasn’t for the tiny little fact that I was working there, and couldn’t leave my booth for longer than five minutes.
The weather was mutinous. An intense cold snap took hold of DC, and there were moments where fear of frostbite was a real thing, especially during the 6.30am start, when the temperature was only 20 degrees. Believe me when I say, vendor life is not for the faint of heart.

I’m actually a little surprised that shoppers braved the arctic climes to come out and support us, when they could have stayed at home, wrapped in a blanket with the heating turned up, drinking a cup of tea. But I guess that speaks volumes about the reputation of the show.

It was a long weekend, and I may have ended it cold, tired and sore, but it was totally worth it.  I sold a lot of stuff, made some new crafty friends, and saw and bought some really beautiful things. Also, now that I have thawed out, I feel warm and fuzzy when I think of my husband, who almost froze to death at Fenton St Market for me, and my parents, and friends, who helped out over the weekend, looking after my kids, and standing in the cold with me. It certainly does help to have a good support system in a job like mine.

Crafty Bastards set up
Crafty Bastards set up
Tired vendors at the end of a long weekend, walking to their cars.

On to the next show

Grump at the Crystal City Underground, is on Dec 9th (I’m doing the one at the National Zoo on the 16th as well)!
Sooo excited about this one. First of all, it’s indoors!!! Yay for my fingers and toes, and for my family! Second of all, it’s a little geeky and off center- excellent. Thirdly, like Crafty Bastards, it has a well juried, most excellent group of makers.
I’m going to be doing a little craft workshop for kids at this one as well, which is why I have frittered away the best part of yesterday afternoon researching gnomes, trolls and Moomins. Yes, of course it’s for work!
The wheel keeps turning, time to order some new shirts!

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