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craft shows, design

Holidays, Crafting, and Kids: Why I’m a grump this December

  Untangling a big box of string lights – that’s a good analogy for my life right now. There are just so many different strands in there that need to be straightened out. I’m down to my very last holiday show. It’s been a good season, and the last show, Grump@Zoolights, looks very promising in …

craft shows, design

Post Crafty Bastards Update – Freezing My Socks Off with the best crafters

Hellooo! Did you miss me, readers? Sorry for the lost week, but I have been ridiculously busy getting ready for the biggest show of the year, while trying not to neglect my poor children. So…Crafty Bastards What a crazy, a-ma-zing experience for me. It was my first time doing the show, and I was totally …

productivity, wellness

Choosing Self Employment – How To Stay Positive and Productive

Guess what? I’m a great, big whinger Huge surprise, right? Please insert crying with laughter emoticon here. I have noticed that I am constantly on the lookout for external reasons to blame my stuttering, pigeon-stepping, career growth on. There are just so many good reasons to choose from: Being a mom, not having a proper studio, …