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Upcoming Spring Markets
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Upcoming Spring Markets

It’s that time again. The time of year when I start checking my weather app neurotically, line boxes of products up in the family room for everybody to trip over, and prepare my children mentally for the upcoming chaos. Yes, the Spring markets are here!!!
Now, I don’t actually do many markets. I know crafters that are booked solid every weekend through April, May, and June. Good luck to all you fine, dedicated, folk, may the sun shine bright for you, and may your wares sell plentifully. However, my enthusiasm for getting out there and selling products has been tempered by my enthusiasm for spending weekends doing stuff with my kids. When they are older, I will do ALL the shows, right now I’m on a very whittled down schedule. The schedule grows gradually as my kids do, I’m trying to find the right balance. Also, I’m still learning about shows that are out there, next year I want to do Handmade in Arlington for sure!

If you are reading this, and live close enough to the DC metro area to visit a market, do come and say hi! A vendor’s life can be lonely, so it’s good to meet people and make friends at these events. Speaking of which, here are the markets I’m doing this Spring:

  • Gala/Crest Indie Craft Fair -Sunday April 24th 11am-4pm
    Run by the Gala Artisans Store, this runs in conjunction with the Kensington Day of The Book festivities, and has kids’ activities.
  • ViVA Vienna – Sunday May 29th – Monday May 30th 10am-6pm
    Vienna VA’s memorial day festival is a big rollicking ball of fun. Apart from the market,where you can meet yours truly,  there are carnival rides, performances, and it’s all in my hood!
  • Old Town Arts and Crafts Festival – Sunday June 11 9am-6pm
    Run by Volunteer Alexandria and held on the waterfront, a truly beautiful location. The Torpedo Factory Art Studios, and plenty of restaurants and boutiques are nearby.

See you there? I hope so!

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