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The Learning Curve
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The Learning Curve

“Oh! I love these shirts, they are so vintage looking!! Said the young woman before scooping up a couple and buying them.

Vintage looking?
I guess she was referring to the low-tech printing process that I employ. Or maybe I really am aesthetically stuck in a different era.

You really learn a lot at fairs.
One thing I have noticed is that, people who buy my clothes really like the hand-made look of them.
I have stopped trying to make them all look the same. I have stopped freaking out about tiny imperfections. People actually like the fact that each piece is a little different. Who would have guessed that it would  actually be a selling point?!

I have learnt that the baby clothing always sells fastest.
I have learnt that applique or embroidery on anything always makes people gooey eyed.
I have learnt that I really need a large banner with my company’s name on it. People lose business cards.
I have learnt that my six year old is a doggedly persistent salesperson, who can sell the shirt off your back.

The last Ballston Arts and Crafts Market of the season is happening tomorrow, and I have just made a stack of new baby clothing. It is all organic cotton, hand-printed, hand-sewn, and, of course, long sleeved for the Autumn!!

Have a look. I’m off to make a large banner!

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