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Doodle therapy
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Doodle therapy

I’m in a sort of in-between phase. It’s a pretty good place to be. I have no markets for a month, and am just about to start making new products for the Holiday season.

Today I went shopping for plain shirts to print on, and ordered new business cards. Yesterday, however, I produced a few drawings…..of desserts. Why desserts? Well, to be honest, because I felt like it. You heard me correctly, I felt like it!

A waste of time? I don’t think so. I’m a big fan of the restorative powers of doodling, and breaks. Sometimes, it is just this type of unplanned creative  activity that helps me to reorganize my thoughts, and decide which direction to move in next. Lately I seem to spend a lot of time managing my Etsy store, marketing myself, and doing other activities that draw me away from actually creating new ideas for work.

So I think that I will spend the next couple of days drawing, and re-calibrating.
After that, the gloves come off and the printing starts.

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  1. That’s awesome!! Wow!! Great sketches!!

    1. What a nice comment. Thank you!

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