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Spring 2020 – A Peek Into My Studio
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Spring 2020 – A Peek Into My Studio

All through January and February I battled the frigid temperature in my studio and printed up a storm of onesies for the upcoming Spring shows. Every morning I would dress in the chunkiest sweater I owned, plus knitted hat and slippers that made me look like a suburban Bigfoot. I would linger at the door to my studio, like a swimmer gingerly dipping a toe into a pool of icy water. Fortified ever so slightly by hot tea, audiobooks and a pathetic space heater that felt like a small child breathing on my ankles, I managed somehow to get into a solid work rhythm. By the early afternoon, the room would be sunnier and the cold would have stopped bothering me. The woolly hat would come off and by the time the kids came home, I would actually be reluctant to stop working. Here are some of the products I have printed so far for Spring/Summer 2020:

And here are some studio shots:

I made a couple of new screens: a mod ice cream print for shirts and bags, and an abstract loopy print that is a personal favorite. Abstract prints don’t sell as well for me, but I personally love them. Hopefully this one will do well for older kids and on accessories.

These black cotton tote bags are really making me happy this season. I am also planning to print on some toddler-size denim library bags soon.

Next up, I am planning to print more kids’ shirts. Right now, I have some ice cream shirts in a different colorway, robot shirts, shiny dragon shirts and panda shirts (of course) planned.

How do you get hold of these? Well, the new collection is being delivered to my lovely stockists in waves right now.
Also, check out my Spring Events page and come and meet me and shop straight from the source. I’m doing some lovely markets and pop-ups this year. You can also shop online on this VERY site – gasp!

Here’s to that looming Spring sunshine, tulips, daffodils, and all those Zyrtec coupons that CVS keeps giving me (they know me so well). Happy Spring and see you soon!

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