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The kids are all right – Town Planners,Trend setters and Visionaries
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The kids are all right – Town Planners,Trend setters and Visionaries

Fact one: Vienna has a new town planning director, and she is going to focus on the town’s walkability (yay!!!).

Fact two: The Vienna Patch site published an article yesterday, that includes a survey of people in Vienna. Question asked?… What is Vienna missing?


we got there first


Do you remember when we did our town planning summer camp last summer, and asked that same question of our campers?  Do you remember the sheer excitement when the mayor of Vienna visited that same camp, and reviewed our ideas? The trail of influence is not hard to trace my friends. 🙂

Pat yourself on the back, my little campers. You have possibly inspired a wave of change. So what were the top things that our campers wanted most for our town?….

  1. More sidewalks and walkability (gasp!)
  2. A large indoor playspace/bounce zone for cold seasons.
  3. More water fountains along the W/OD trail
  4. A community swimming pool and water playground
  5. A town central metro/bus hub, and less driving
  6. A multi faith worship/meditation center that encourages discourse
  7. A drop-in art studio/maker space (they are Noctiluna kids after all)
  8. More recycling bins in public places

Some of the more inspired answers on the Patch survey do actually echo these. These kids have their fingers on the zeitgeist, and I have high hopes for their generation.
This year’s summer camp enrollment starts soon, and I’m wondering whether we should do some town planning again. What do you think?


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