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Let’s Talk About Stats Baby!

Let’s Talk About Stats Baby!

Okay, hands up, who reads my posts? Come on all five of you, don’t be shy, shout it loud and proud.

I have always wondered who exactly my readers are. I don’t have many followers, I don’t get many comments on posts, but when I check my stats they show that actually many people have, indeed, been viewing my posts.

Who… are… you?

Parents sometimes come up to me when dropping kids off at my camps and casually remark “Oh, I love your blog, by the way“, and then saunter off, leaving me open mouthed in amazement. Are you one of them? How cloak and dagger!


The idea that someone may possibly like what I write, and want to read more, is pretty heady, exciting stuff.  So I’m going to get a bit ahead of myself and suggest that maybe, just maybe you could … ….click ‘Follow’ or maybe ‘Like’ (but only if you genuinely do like the post).

If you do this, I promise two things will happen:

  1. I get really excited that someone real, not imagined, is actually reading my blog and the stats are not lying to me, and do a happy dance around my workroom, or the library (preferably the former, for the sake of the poor librarians). 
  2. If you clicked ‘Follow’, you get every single one of my posts delivered to your inbox. If that sounds annoying to you, please don’t click follow. But they are ever so slightly better than those bi-weekly Old Navy emails you get and ignore routinely, wink, wink.  My, my, I am getting a little pushy, aren’t I?


Running a business does not come easily to me, unlike drawing, screenprinting, and annoying my kids. I’m trying to get the word out about my business, and find clients for new projects that I have in the pipeline. And there are so, so many of them (projects, not clients)! 

So spread the word, or maybe not. I won’t go on about it, because mostly I want to be an uplifting voice, not an annoying one (unless you are my child). Now here are some sketchbook peeks from last week:

IMG_8208IMG_8224 2IMG_8229 2IMG_8230 2IMG_8231 2





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