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A Review of My Year So Far

This is a year of firsts. It is my first time as an Artist in Residence at a school. I am building my first studio ever. This is the first season that I am focusing on making products for shops, and my first year of really being at peace with working from home. The Residency …


Let’s Talk About Stats Baby!

Okay, hands up, who reads my posts? Come on all five of you, don’t be shy, shout it loud and proud. I have always wondered who exactly my readers are. I don’t have many followers, I don’t get many comments on posts, but when I check my stats they show that actually many people have, …

craft shows, small business

What Happens When You Are Scared Of Success?

It is gray and gloomy, the rain is coming down in thick sheets outside, and I can’t believe that just two days ago I was frolicking amidst the Azaleas in my garden. What fresh madness is this? Bad weather aside, I am feeling a little somber anyway today. I really shouldn’t be, I should be …

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