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Learning to Deal With Change
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Learning to Deal With Change

I have been holed away for weeks now working towards a deadline, printing tractors, squirrels, rockets and galaxies onto clothes. I have been sewing little patterned patches of steam above tractors, sewing sequins onto squirrels eyes for extra sparkle, sewing polka dot moons for rockets to fly toward, sewing labels onto everything, and ironing… ironing, ironing, ironing! The ironing was followed by much folding, packing, and labeling, ordering of business cards, and sorting of market paraphernalia. Not much tea was drunk, not much fantasy fiction read, not much in the way of Facebook loitering. In short, I have been a very busy person, BUT FOR WHAT??

Once hurricane Joaquin started making eyes at the DC metro area, the fabulous market that I had been laboring so hard towards was postponed.  Shock, horror, I ran the gamut of emotions, and have now somewhat recovered from them. Here is a quick rundown of my reactions following the cancellation:

No one wants to sell outdoors on a cold, rainy day. Now I don’t have to spend a day in wet, grey misery trying to smile at wet, miserable people, who just want to be at home with a cup of tea, not shopping.

Anger and Melodrama
I can’t believe I went to all that trouble for nothing!! Where am I going to put all these shirts now? Will anyone come to the postponed date? I could have stressed a bit less last week, and drank those cups of tea, all those missed cups of tea! I can’t even take good photos right now, the light has gone from the world!!! Grrr!!!!!

Ooh, I have a free weekend now! Let’s buy all the Indian snacks we can, and watch all the movies, and wear track pants and try not to go outside (other than for the kids’ sake).

Eugh, I need to detox after that weekend. Why couldn’t I just have done lots of yoga and put a face mask on?

What do I do now? This is supposed to be unpacking and inventory day, I’m off schedule. The universe is upside down!! Help!! I know what, I’ll write a blog post to clear my head.

Excellent. Well I guess I have an extra week to print out those extra pictures to sell at the next market, and I can clean out my work room, and finally start drawing again. Maybe I can find some shops for my shirts. Let’s write a new schedule, shall we? I’ll put the kettle on.

So glad I could share that messiness with you, now to get on with being a grown up again!



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