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Is It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

The holiday season is upon us, and crafters everywhere are investing heavily in multipacks of Hothands, wearing their wooliest hand knitted socks, and braving the extreme cold to bring their beautiful wares to you. This is all for you! But what does this time of year feel like for crafters? Well, I can’t speak for …

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Growing a business without business skills. Apparently it can be done.

Wowza, has it been a busy month… and it is just going to get busier and busier up until Christmas. This year is looking to be a landmark year for Noctiluna kidswear. We are doing more and bigger shows, and I have been printing non-stop, so that we will (hopefully) have enough inventory for them. …

craft shows

The Insider Scoop on being a Craft Vendor

Art on the Avenue happened last week, and I am a very happy crafter. The show was really well attended, like sardines-in-a-tin well attended. I was constantly busy, and selling fast. I unexpectedly sold out of some of my designs, and it looks like It’s back to the printing table for me next week. A …

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Spring/Summer T-shirt Musings

  I write this just as we are all hunkering down for a big storm. I’m surrounded by legos, unfinished puzzles and socks (exactly how many pairs a day do my kids wear, and why do they keep taking them off??). Normally I’d be scared of the impending cabin fever, normally I’d be drinking tea …

craft shows, screen printing

Learning to Deal With Change

I have been holed away for weeks now working towards a deadline, printing tractors, squirrels, rockets and galaxies onto clothes. I have been sewing little patterned patches of steam above tractors, sewing sequins onto squirrels eyes for extra sparkle, sewing polka dot moons for rockets to fly toward, sewing labels onto everything, and ironing… ironing, ironing, ironing! The …

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