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Viva Summer!
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Viva Summer!

Welcome June.

I take a deep long breath as I write this. May was one hell of a month – craft festivals, birthdays, school events all clubbed together and squeezing me so tight that I could barely breathe, let alone blog about them. I’d like to move on, but first let me quickly tell you about ViVa Vienna…

On Memorial Day weekend, I sold my wares at ViVa Vienna, which is my absolute favorite fair of the year; not because I sell so well at it, but because it is such a happy event. It’s in my ‘hood’, which makes a huge difference – shorter commute, known territory, happier kids etc. I’ve blogged a lot about Vienna in the past, such as in this post, and this post, and I don’t want to keep repeating myself, but it can be a pretty cool place.
At ViVa Vienna, I’m always reminded of how many people actually care about me. People constantly drop by to see how I’m doing; friends help me set up and break down my booth, and sometimes bring me drinks and baked goods to keep me alert and upright. These small acts of kindness make all the work of selling at a fair seem so much easier. I also love all the familiar faces that pass by. Kids that go to school with my kids gape at me, and then smile as they walk by, kids who go to my camps stop by to make sure I’m not slacking, the barber from down the street scowls at me. I love ViVA Vienna.

Straight after ViVa Vienna, I got to work on planning my five year old’s birthday party. That happened on Saturday, Sunday was recovery day. Time to move on.

I have been totally ignoring my blogger duties, and hobbling through a lovely week of birthday celebrations and school events (standing at fairs can make your feet hurt for a really long time!). But enough is enough, the birthdays are over, my summer camp is looming large on the horizon, and I need to start writing again on a regular basis, so that I don’t totally lose it like a melted Popsicle.

This week I shall be ordering materials for my camps, and revising my lesson plans again, and writing another post, and getting ridiculously excited about all of the above in a way that only I could.

Of course there will still be end of school performances to attend, thank you cards to write, dentist appointments to keep, gym classes to attend, and bedtimes to enforce, but as my favorite literary cat, who got me through last week says “it’s all good”. 😉

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