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I Blog, therefore I am?
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I Blog, therefore I am?

My blog has lain fallow for a good month or so.
When this happens, it means that I have not been on top of things as much as I would like.
I work for myself, from home, which means that at any given time I am stirring a big pot of projects, both work and non-work related; sometimes the soup gets a little too thick to stir.

That is where my blog comes in handy.

When I first started writing this blog, I thought it would be a nice way of organizing my thoughts, reaching out to other people doing similar things, and a good way of getting the word out about my business. All of that is true, however, I always thought that my work would drive the blog, never the other way around. Often, writing the blog motivates me to work better.

Remember the Tom and Jerry cartoon, where Tom’s conscience takes the form of a little angel and devil on his shoulders, whispering advice into his ears? My blog is like the little angel on Tom’s shoulder:

” You had better stop wasting time, and get that work done so that you can blog about your new collection.”

” Hasn’t it been a long time since you last blogged? Better finish that project, so you have something to write about!”

“Confused? Don’t know what to do? Stop moping and write about the process.”

So here I am again with a new collection of work finished for the Etz Hayim Artists’ Expo, and happy to be blogging again.

Rest assured, I’ll be back with more stuff soon.

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  1. Wow Chitra these are lovely! I especially like the bird ones xx

    1. Thanks Gemma! That means a lot coming from you. They take a ridiculously long time to make, as I am really slow at sewing.

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