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Broken Glass, Unbroken Spirit

So here is a little story about my experience at the Ballston market, and what a tale it is too, full of pathos and tragedy, with a dollop of humor added in and, of course, a happy ending of sorts. It was a lovely sunny day. No rain, I am happy to report. My booth …

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Small town splendor

I’m a city girl. I grew up in London, and spent my adolescence fantasizing about working in New York, Paris, or Tokyo, or maybe even Sydney. These fantasies made sense professionally as well, the aforementioned cities  being hotbeds of art, design, and general grooviness. Perfect places for a young designer to live and work in. …

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Viva Vendors!

And now for some more fascinating things that I noticed, while working as a vendor at an outdoor market… Booth blindness This is a serious condition that affects many people at fairs and festivals Booth blindness is when a person does not even realize that your booth exists, because they are busy looking at/thinking about …

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The Aftermath

Well my first proper experience as a vendor at a fair is over, and I thought I’d share the rich and pungent experience with you. Why pungent? You ask. Well it was hot, blindingly hot and sticky, and with stickiness comes pungency. Even though I kept slathering myself with sunscreen, I’m now a few shades …

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It’s all in the details

As the fine fair of Viva Vienna draws close, I am at my favorite stage of work. The finishing up stage. There is a reason why I kept getting stylist jobs in London. I love pulling bits and bobs together to create a cohesive look, presentation is a big deal to me, and now I actually have my …

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