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Exploring my Painterly Side

Exploring my Painterly Side

September was a big crazy, blurry rush to get products made and ready for the Fall markets. I worked late at night, early in the morning, and on weekends. October was jam packed with markets, and there was barely time to breathe in between making, selling and marketing my products.

November has been the opposite.

Like any other job, mine has it’s busy periods and it’s (rarer) quiet times. Things will get busy again from this week onwards, with the Holiday Open Studio, and Zoolights looming. But over the past couple of weeks I have taken hold of the relative calm with relish. Out came the half finished canvases that have been stacked in my paper closet. Unloved and untouched for many months, they finally got my attention. A fresh eye is everything, and I have been enjoying reworking these for some future, unknown exhibition. I’m originally a textile print designer so unsurprisingly my paintings are full of patterns within patterns within patterns. I plan as I paint, and am not precious at all with my plans. It is almost a form of meditation for me.

Ideas often come from unexpected places. We took the kids to Williamsburg the weekend before last (to get my fourth grader excited about colonial history), and I became totally besotted with all the old wallpaper and textiles in the old houses.

Inspired, I came back, found a detail brush, and did this to my paintings…

In case you are interested, I have been listening to Echo by Pam Muñoz Ryan on audiobook while painting. Always ready to give out book recommendations, this one was A-mazing. One of the best audiobooks I have ever listened to, and it made my days fly by.

This week, I’m switching gears and preparing my space and products for a Holiday Open Studio happening this Saturday (11/16). Want to come? RSVP here, or go to my Events page. I’ll dust and sweep the studio just for you. Come over!

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